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Frequently Asked Questions

ECOBOX TUNING - Diesel Tuning Box for Cars, Vans, Trucks and Tractors

With the ECOBOX range of diesel tuning products you can tune your vehicle for maximum performance, maximum fuel economy.

EcoBox Tuning for Car, Van Truck and Tractor

ECOBOX TUNING - Will it fit my vehicle ?

ECOBOX solutions are available for around 4500 different makes and models of vehicles.
In general if your diesel vehicle is manufactured after the year 2000 we almost certainly have a solution for you.
Please CLICK HERE to download the full vehicle list. and see the potential power increases available.

EcoBox Tuning - Can I fit it ?

The ECOBOX is very easy to fit and does not require any specialist tools or knowledge to fit.
Most customers are able to fit easily within a few minutes.
Full instructions are included with the product but if you have any questions just let us know.

EcoBox Tuning - How does it work ?

ECOBOX modifies and optimises the fuel delivery to your turbo diesel engine.
It can be adjusted for maximum power or maximum economy, your choice.

EcoBox Tuning - How does it save fuel ?

More and more of our customers are asking how does the ECOBOX save me fuel ?

With an ECOBOX we optimise and increase the engine torque and power in the low and mid engine speed range.
This increased torque allows the driver to change into a higher gear earlier or to maintain a higher gear for longer before down shifting.
This gear change strategy is generally know as " Short Shifting " and has been proven many times in the vehicle certification emission laboratories to save fuel.
Any driver who can short shift will save fuel but are often prevented from doing so by the power limitations of the engine.
With our ECOBOX these power limitations are significantly reduced allowing the driver to short shift as driving conditions allow.

How Much Can I Save ?
For Turbo Diesel vehicles typical savings are between 10% and 20%
To calculate your savings simply calculate up to 20% of your annual fuel bill and this will be how much you could save
Case Study - Assume 20,000 miles per year at 50 MPG with Diesel at £1.22 per litre.
20,000 miles equates to 400 gallons of fuel = £2215.52 fuel cost.
20,000 miles with a 20% savings equates to 320 gallons of fuel = £1772.42 fuel cost.

*** Fuel Saving per year = £443.10 ***

(Actual results may vary depending on vehicle, driving style, road conditions and other external factors)

ECOBOX Tuning - Does the product have a warranty ?

These ECOBOX products have a full 24 month warranty against manufacturing defects.
In the unlikely event of problems please contact us for advice or to arrange a return.

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